The nail.

I have never seen anything like this before. The strength and madness it would take to make this basement look like it does. My thoughts are racing. Was this done out of passion, anger, frustration, or just plain cruelty? Bruises, bites, broken bones, and rage.

From across the basement a pale faced 20 something, who looked like he just graduated high school, shouted, “Detective. I think you need to see this.”

I walked over, careful not to step on any of the blood and tissue splattered everywhere. Embedded into the wall was a fingernail. Perfect shape, sticking straight out of the foundation wall that made up the basement. Not torn. Not bloody. Just a fingernail, placed like a dart, into the cinderblock foundation. I got the attention of the photographer on scene and had him photograph the evidence. No scrapes on the wall. No smudge on the paint, do dirt, just this fingernail.

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