Turning, running in the opposite direction as fast as my feet will carry me. “Faster! Faster!” I scream to myself. My legs churning as fast they can. I’ve got to get away. I can’t keep this pace up, I’m slowing down. I’m not going to make it. I can feel my pace slowing to a crawl. Failure is evident.

I wake up. Heart racing; sweat on my face. Holy shit it was a dream. What was I running from? I can’t remember. Fear? That’s the only thing that comes to mind. I try not to move. I once heard if you don’t move and try to remember your dreams you’ll be more successful in drudging up the murky details. What was it? What do I remember? At home. No. In bed. Yes in bed, but wasn’t mine. Too nice and clean to be mine. White comforter. Who has a white comforter? Hotels. I was in a hotel. What else? Wife in bed with me? Don’t remember. Hotel room to running. That’s all I remember. Where was I running? Was it a neighborhood, city streets, back alleys? All I remember is black, moist pavement. No trees, no grass, no bricks. Everything a blur. Fear. Fear is all I recall. Fear of being caught. What time is it now? 5:03 in the am. Alarms going off in an hour. Wait, is it? What day is it? No alarm, it’s Saturday. This week’s been a week from hell. It’s Saturday morning, didn’t do a damn thing last night. This getting old shit sucks. Friday night on the couch; in bed by 9:30. Emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted from this week. Work is taking more and more from me every day. This weekend will be over before I know it. Friday night’s already gone. What do we have to do today? Mow the yard. Need to get the car over to get an oil change. Gotta run to sams either today or tomorrow. Gotta get a haircut first thing, have to get there when they open so we don’t have to waste any more time than necessary, plus wanna make sure one of girls who knows what she’s doing is working. They open at 8:00, gotta leave the house by 0730 to make that. That’ll take 30 minutes. Can hit Sam’s after that. Maybe I’ll finally get to use the early hours we signed up for 2 months ago and haven’t used yet. What do we need at sams? Pineapple…. Nothing else? Shit, I hate having to go there for one thing, but I’ll save a dollar there instead of schnucks, plus I always get a quality product when I get it from sams. I guess I can head there, pick up the pineapple. I can check the meat and see if they have anything red tagged for quick sale. Ok, that’ll make the trip worth it. So We’ll leave the house 730, haircut at 800, sams at 845. Out of there by 9. Can’t cut the yard till at least 11, otherwise I’ll have to clear the lawnmower every 20 minutes from the wet grass. I guess we’ll eat breakfast then. I’ve got eggs at the house. Ooh, eggs at sams. Reminder to self, eggs and pineapple at sams. And check the meat. What the hell was I running from in my dream? Now there’s no way I’m going to remember what it was. Oh well, maybe it’ll come to me later. Fear, that’s the only thing I can remember. Ah, well. What time is now? 0505. Wide awake, Saturday morning. Don’t have to get up till 0700 and up before the alarm would normally go off. Awesome. Might as well get up.


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